True Stories: Real Dumb and Dumber Things Done to Ford Trucks

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Ford Super Duty Backs into Airbus Virgin America Jetliner in Seattle

Dumb and Dumber To, the Farrelly Brother’s sequel starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels arrives in theaters this fall, but in the meantime we have a few dumb stories of our own to share.

After a staffer caught a Super Duty backing into an Airbus A320 on a Seattle tarmac, we asked Ford Truck Enthusiasts what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done with your truck?

The forum heavily debated this question for months and the final results are…. well, really stupid.

“I shot mine,” hanna5120 proudly admits about his 2002 F-350. He used a 22 rifle to take down a mangy possum that was in his back yard during the middle of the night.

Dumb and Dumber To

“Next morning in daylight I walked out on the back deck and then realized the truck was below the deck level, only two bullet holes and one dent, no glass was damaged…. of course people ask me about the bullet holes and I just shrug and say ‘her husband came home early.’” Okie dokie!


Most confessions on the forum involved carrying way too much stuff in the truck bed, which is a real no brainer for most folks. Even Harry and Lloyd know better than that. Okay, maybe not.

“With my old F-150 I overloaded it with concrete and got a flat. I then finished the last two miles on the flat. It ripped the brake line off halfway there,” Ford man Leon82 admits.

Okay, that’s really dumb but he adds, “I also chained rocks to the bumper and ripped them out of the ground.”

That’s not dumb Leon82, that’s awesome – keep up the good work!


Texas user foreverfrost made the mistake of taking his 1980 F-100 to Walmart for an oil change. He then drove it 60 miles from Greenville to Plano, but had to stop because of a loud noise coming from the engine. And that’s never a good sign. Right, guys?

“The idiots at Walmart didn’t put the drain plug in and I had been driving with no oil. When I called them about it, they denied it at first and when I told them I had the receipt, I was offered a free oil change. I told them the truck had no oil so if I came in for my oil change, they’d have to replace the engine too.”

Okay, that’s real dumb luck and foreverfrost adds, “The manager had no idea what to do so, since there was no damage, I just didn’t go back. That truck had almost 750,000 miles on it when I handed it off to my cousin.”


Member 00BlueOvalRanger wasn’t so lucky. His youngest son borrowed his beloved red Ranger without permission and went off-roading with one of his high school pals.

“He took the truck through a ‘mud puddle’ that turns out to be deeper than he thought,” he said sadly. But that wasn’t the worst of it.

“He got it towed to our local shop, where they let it sit outside, over the weekend. Well, it got down to 5° that weekend, and the water froze in the cylinders….Looks like I have to repower/rebuild this little engine. My son’s punishment… He is going to pay 100% of the repairs, whether “I” decide to junk the truck; rebuild the engine; get a junkyard engine; or get a crate motor.”

Ouch, that really sucks, but make sure that brat works it off and don’t forget to keep us posted about the rebuild. Remember, at least you didn’t spend your life savings turning a van into a dog like these idiots.

Dumb and Dumber To opens on November 14.

Photos courtesy of Universal and Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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