Dueling Ford Trucks Off-Road Drag Racing

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The video below features a pair of Ford F-Series pickups going head to head in a short and muddy drag race. There are no details on these trucks, but we can see that they both sit a little higher than they did when they left the factory and have bigger tires than stock. I imagine that both of these Ford rigs were built to excel at this type of racing. We can also see that the truck on the right is a newer model while the truck on the left is from an older generation. From the hue of the exhaust smoke, I would guess that both of these Ford trucks feature Power Stroke diesel engines. After that, it’s all guesswork, but we don’t need details to enjoy watching two big Ford trucks race through deep mud.

On the starter’s arm drop, both Ford trucks launch. At the same time, the video goes into slow motion – showing us the mud-slinging start in all of its graphic glory. Once the trucks have gotten into the water, the video returns to normal speed. As the smoke obstructs the truck on the left, we see that the older Ford pickup is the first to climb onto dry land.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

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