Drunk Man Driving Super Duty Unknowingly ‘Tows’ Another Car

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Ford Super Duty

We always knew the Super Duty was a towing tour de force, but apparently all you have to do is back into something.

We already know that Ford’s Super Duty line of pickups are quite capable of towing incredibly heavy loads with ease. But what you may not know is that the Super Duty is so good at towing, it doesn’t even need a properly attached hitch to pull something like, say, a Mazda SUV. We know this because a Buxton, Maine resident pulled off this impressive stunt recently. Except, he didn’t even know he was towing anything.

According to News Center Maine, a pair of Buxton Police Department officers noticed the Super Duty leaving a local lounge with the ‘ute in tow. They proceeded to pull the truck over, not because anything looked particularly strange. But because no rear lights were visible on either vehicle. It was then that they noticed this truck wasn’t technically towing the vehicle behind it.

Ford Super Duty

Turns out, the man driving the Super Duty had backed into the Mazda, sending the truck’s trailer hitch through the rear bumper. The man then drove off, not even realizing he had acquired some cargo. This would seem hard to believe on the surface. But the man was apparently intoxicated and subsequently charged with operating under the influence. Thankfully, there wasn’t anyone in the Mazda at the time, at least.


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While it’s unfortunate that it happened under these sorts of illegal circumstances, it’s still a pretty interesting story. After all, who knew you could tow something like an SUV without even bothering to hook it up properly? Obviously, we’ll never see Ford tout this fact in a future commercial. But it is a feat worth bragging about!

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