TRUCKED UP Driving a Chevy Trailblazer is a Crime

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Crime doesn’t pay kids, and the police will always catch you. That is especially true when you drive a Chevy. In this wild video we see a Chevy Trailblazer trying to outrun the law in Mexico.

They are running because they appear to be carrying all of the marijuana in the entire country. As they are running, they start throwing out huge bundles of drugs. There are more than a dozen packages that get thrown out in this crazy two minute video.

We found the video over on Speed Society and they claim that the crooks are simply trying to dump evidence in hopes of a lighter charge. But I know that is a lie. We already said they are in a Trailblazer. They are just trying to dump weight so that rolling washing machine can break 70 mph in hopes to escape.

Seriously kids, if this video does anything, it should demonstrate that drugs and crime is a terrible path in life. It only leads to ruin. Also, driving a Chevy will do the same thing.

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