TRUCKIN’ GOOD 2016 Ford F-750 TONKA Drone Video

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Mighty Ford F-750 TONKA

Drones have changed the world that we live in in the past decade or so. First, they were used to take out international terrorists in far away lands.

Now, people use consumer-grade drones to take pictures of their property or shoot car videos. Ford just did the latter with the 2016 F-750 Might Ford TONKA dump truck at their test track.

Designed to be B-roll footage, there’s no sound (except for the end when the Built Ford Tough logo drops), but it does show off the various angles of the blast-from-the-past TONKA truck.

It probably didn’t set a blistering lap time around the handling course at the test track, but I still like seeing the TONKA truck in action. It’s just such a cool thing.

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For those with short memories, the TONKA concept is a one-off in partnership with Funrise to re-create a life-sized version of the toy that was in every kids’ sandbox growing up. While it won’t see production (you have to have a CDL to operate it, among other reasons), it will be touring the country and appearing at various events.

Even though they aren’t going to build more of them, I still want one.

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