Drive a 1986 Ford RS200, Make the World a Better Place

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Recently, we pointed out a beautiful Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 that was for sale. Today, we have an even more legendary former rally car that is here to melt your heart and drive into your dreams. In the United Kingdom, this titillating Ford RS200 is up for sale in incredible shape and with its best-dressed uni.

It has a body built by Ghia, the chassis was created by Formula 1 designer Tony Southgate, and the 1.8-liter turbo-four engine was built by Cosworth. It had a mid-engine setup, and of course, it was all-wheel drive. In the races, this creature was putting out 400-500 horsepower, but in the detuned road version, it was knocked down a couple notches to 250. This example, however, has reportedly be retuned back up to 350.

Late last year, we saw an all-white version go up for sale, but the stripes on this make it all the more special. It has only 7,500 miles on it and is listed for £175,000 ($255,000).

[Via Mark Donaldson]

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