Hump Day Jump: Watch this Ford Explorer Fly High Above the Competition

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Ford Explorer Jumps Chevy
Sometimes it’s nice to watch an old, beaten truck breathe its last in a noble—and often cringe-inducing—airborne finale. Other times, it’s amazing to see it conquer all and live another day. These guys were brave enough (or crazy enough) to risk it all to determine if Ford trucks are truly better than Chevy’s. In this daring 65-foot jump, an old Ford Explorer leaps high above the one-ton Chevy below. Stunningly, the occupants walk away without even a sign of whiplash or a mere bruise. Sticking the landing and gracefully rolling down the opposing ramp, you can see the pride in the Ford as it takes a well-deserved victory lap. One can almost picture the Chevy breathing a shaky sigh of pure relief.

Now breathe another sigh of relief: no children were harmed in he making of this video! These two guys went at this on their own, performing this jump five times with the old Explorer before they finally hit the Chevy and managed to break the steering box in the trusty Ford. Despite the performance of this superb truck, it was unbelievably only purchased by the two in order to borrow parts for another build. Regardless, the rugged SUV surely turned out to be a whole load of fun for everyone.

Though the fate of the Explorer might not have been pleasant in the end, I can’t say I don’t enjoy the entertainment it provided. Take a look at the spectacular jump below and watch the Ford soar to victory.

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