BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP A 1969 F-250 Restoration Project

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Ford truck enthusiast CharlaineC has taken on a wonderful project. She picked up a 1969 F-250 — named “Pearl” — that, though it needs a lot of help to get it to its former glory, both runs and drives.

The rig has over three hundred thousand miles on it, which is to be expected for a truck that is over forty years old. This Ford needs quite a few things, some big and others fairly small, but will definitely be worth it when complete. So far the steering coupler has been replaced, the rag joint has been replace, the horn has been repaired,  the valve cover gaskets have been replaced, and much more.


Working on a daily driver always makes the job go slower, but to some degree it’s also a wonderful method that allows one to enjoy their rig before it’s completed in entirety. It also gives the owner more and more inspiration for what they want to do with the truck since they drive it often.

Charlaine certainly has the future planned out for Pearl, and that future includes headers, a wooden headliner, new doors, urethane bushings, and more. One can only smile and wait to see what this finished product will be, since I’m sure it will be a wonderful sight to see this classic complete.

Go check out Charlaine’s build thread to see the full list of plans for this rig and show your support!

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