1979 Bronco Saves a Mid-90’s Z71 Chevy From a Muddy Demise

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1979 Ford Bronco Pulls Chevy from the Mud

In this applause-worthy video, the first thing that we hear and see is this beast-like 1979 Bronco. So how could this rig, in all of its old-founded glory, ever look bad?

Well, it might if you’re a Chevy stuck in the mud facing the realization that you need to be saved by this Blue Oval powerhouse.¬†You can almost sense the gloating of the Bronco driver he awaits hauling the Z71 pick-up out of those muddy trenches. Getting the two trucks linked up proves troublesome, and though they don’t at first succeed, they try, try again. Finally, we get to watch the Bronco lurches forward and drags the Chevy back onto solid ground.

Watch the video below and witness one of the greatest Ford trucks of the era, in all its old-founded glory, yank the Chevy from its muddy grave.

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