When in Doubt, Don’t Steal a Monster Truck

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Most criminals aren’t the dashing suave George Clooney types that tend to rip off Casinos in ridiculously complex heists.

Now, most criminals are bumbling fools that get in way over their head real quickly. Just like this next criminal.


David Campbell of Texas decided he needed a new ride, but unlike normal people, David didn’t want to pay for a new car. So Campbell went down to his local sea-food restaurant and picked up a new truck.

However, this truck just happened to be 11-foot tall Monster Truck with a bright blue paint job on it. But it gets better.

According to the police report, Campbell stole the pickup, lodged it into the mud, then called the cops himself hoping to collect a $5,000 reward.

The cops indeed found the stolen truck exactly where Campbell stated it would be, but the cops were immediately suspicious of Campbell since the truck was placed in a location that couldn’t have just been “found.”

Cops arrested the man and he immediately confessed. Just goes to show you, if you want to steal a car, you probably shouldn’t steal 11-foot Ford Monster Truck, and you should definitely not call the cops yourself.

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