Don’t Try This at Home with Your Power Wheels Ford F-150

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This week’s Flying Ford video features a Power Wheels version of the Ford F-150 racing through the snow and popping over a small jump – resulting in a fair amount of damage to the electric toy pickup.

Power Wheels trucks are a whole lot of fun, but that fun should generally be limited to little ones, since adults are far too big and far too heavy for the tiny plastic pickups. That didn’t deter the guy in this video, who climbed into a Power Wheels F-150 on a snowy day and went for a joy ride.

During the course of the ride, the electric F-150 actually got moving along pretty well considering the amount of weight being carried. It even had enough speed to catch some air over a small snow bank, but it wasn’t able to stick the landing safely.

When the plastic F-150 slammed down against the snow covered ground, a great many parts, including the hood, spray from the truck. This should serve as a reminder that Power Wheels are best left to kids, but adults playing in tiny trucks makes for a fun Internet video.

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