Don’t Let Tickets Push Your Ford Truck’s Insurance Premiums Through the Roof

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When you shop for insurance for your Ford truck,
one of the first questions you’ll be asked is: "Have you had any moving
violations in the last 3 years?" If the answer is ‘yes,’ you have a lot
in common with many other drivers””insurance companies are going to try
and charge you more for auto insurance.

But don’t believe that a traffic ticket eliminates your hope of finding affordable insurance for your Ford truck.
On the contrary, there are companies that specialize in insuring
drivers with less than perfect records. But the only way to find those
companies is to compare quotes online.

Tickets Can Linger on Your Record

In most states, traffic tickets remain on your driving record for three
to five years. But don’t expect insurance companies to automatically
lower your premiums when an infraction falls off your driving record.
If you haven’t compared rates since a ticket fell off your record,
you’re probably paying more than you have to.

Don’t Forget Traffic School!

Depending on the nature of your violation, most states will allow you
to attend traffic school to keep a ticket off of your record. When you
have the opportunity to do so, take it. It could erase the ticket from
your driving record.

Other Ways to Save After a Ticket

If a traffic ticket has sent your premium soaring, bring it back down to earth by following these tips:…(Continue reading Don’t Let Tickets Push Your Ford Truck’s Insurance Premiums Through the Roof)

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