Donald Trump Wants to Impose Ludicrous Tax on Ford

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While it’s not our standard operating procedure around here to cover presidential politics, sometimes something comes across your desk that just makes you go “what?” Today is one of those days. Recently, real estate magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested that when he became president, he’d impose a tax specifically on Ford vehicles built in Mexico.


If elected president, Trump would impose a 35% tax on the sale of any Ford vehicle assembled in Mexico. While the Ford F-150 and Super Duty wouldn’t be subjected to that tax, they’re built in the United States, vehicles like the Ford Fiesta would suffer.

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How bad would that be for someone who needs a new, inexpensive car? A $13,965 Ford Fiesta would cost a buyer $18,800. That’s before you’d add any options. This tax would force someone looking to buy a Ford to look at other manufacturers.

And they could look literally at any other manufacturer, even if they build cars in Mexico. Why? Because the tax that Trump is suggesting would only apply to Ford. If you want a Mexican built Volkswagen Golf? Not a problem, you wouldn’t pay the tax.

This raises all sorts of questions if Trump were elected president. Can the country tax one specific company but not another? I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but I’m figuring the answer is no. At this point, though, Donald Trump’s likelihood of becoming President of the United States is a long shot.

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via [The Detroit News via Autoblog]

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