Donald Trump on the Offensive AGAIN Against Ford

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With a national presidential election less than a year away, the field on both sides is starting to concentrate down to just a few candidates. One of those candidates, Donald Trump, seems to have a personal vendetta against the Ford Motor Company, and has taken another opportunity to take a shot at them at a recent rally.

Ford is investing some $2.5 billion in a new production facility in Mexico. As we reported before, that facility won’t be making cars that are sold in the United States, as the plant is designed to serve the rest of the world. It was never slated for construction in this country, and no American jobs are being sacrificed for this plant to work.

That being said, Trump is attacking the Dearborn company for their plans, and says when president he will impose a punitive 35% tax on anything (cars, trucks, bumpers, parts…) that come from outside the United States into the country.

Perhaps he’ll tax himself, too?


You might like Donald Trump as a candidate for president. You might think his philosophies on immigration and the refugee crisis are what this company needs. You might also think Ford should be spending all of their money, even though they are a global company, in the United States.


But you can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy of his words when his own products are made in Mexico. Apparently, he’s never heard of the saying, “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

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story and photo via [The Detroit News]

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