Donald Trump Apparently Invests in “Absolute Disgrace” Ford

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump has attacked Ford Motor Company quite a bit in the past, especially over investments in Mexico. In fact, he was quoted in calling what Ford is doing an “absolute disgrace.” Well, he must like those type of companies because he owns some considerable investments in the company.

According to Fortune, he has investments with Ford valued between $500,000 and $1,000,000. While to some people that might not seem like a lot of money, it does seem like a lot for a company that you don’t support the business practices of.

Aside from referring to Ford as a disgrace, he’s also said repeatedly that he would look to hit Ford with a 35% import tax on all Ford vehicles sold in the United States that are imported from Mexico.

What this tells us is Mr. Trump views Ford as a solid investment, and that his political rhetoric in trying to get elected doesn’t necessarily jibe with what he does in his personal life. From past experience, that’s typical of a politician.

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