Canada’s Don Cherry Endorses the 1994 Ford F-150 Enforcer

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don cherry
Don Cherry is best known for his rowdy hockey commentary and his flashy suits, but back in 1994, Cherry was hard at work promoting Ford trucks in Canada.

In fact, Don Cherry was the spokesman for the Ford F150 Enforcer – a low line truck with a decal package offered strictly in Canada. While hunting around the internet, I found that the Ford F-150 Enforcer was based on the entry level F-150 XL, and Ford Canada added the Enforcer decals at the dealerships. These trucks weren’t offered with any options, so they all came with the 4.9L 6-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual transmission and a barebones interior – without AC.

The F-150 Enforcer was hardly known in the US, but with such an awesome commercial with a hockey legend like Don Cherry, it surely had to draw some prospective buyers into the dealerships.

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