Dodge Dunce Thinks His Truck is a Boat

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Pro tip: Don’t try to drive through flood waters. You, nor your truck, will win that battle.

For some reason, this Dodge Dakota driver looked at the massive stream of water and thought, “yeah, I can make it through there.” Let’s do a quick assessment of things that could have told him that was a horrible idea.

  1. The water that he is driving toward is almost up to the speed limit sign.
  2. There’s a truck already stuck.
  3. There’s a truck getting ready to launch a boat.
  4. ┬áThere’s a firetruck already on watch.

This happened during the deadly torrential flooding in Columbia, South Carolina, and this guy is lucky to get out of this situation. The truck is eventually swallowed, and thankfully, the guys nearby come to his rescue.

Via [Storm Chasing Video]

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