Do Your Eyes Light Up at the Sight of This Blacked-Out Ford F-100?

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1968 Ford F-100 Ford-Trucks 2

It’s amazing how rough trucks can look after just a few years, especially if they’re used for work. As you all can testify, Ford pickups often are, so they get scarred with big body dents, faded roofs, and crunched and scraped tail gates. Trucks such as the 1968 F-100 you see here have even more time to rack up damage.

Fortunately, it looks as if time has been kind to this Darth-Vader-approved truck. According to the seller, it’s “clean” and “straight” and has never been wrecked over the course of 68,000 miles.

1968 Ford F-100 Ford-Trucks 6

The 390-cubic-inch V8 is paired with a four-speed manual transmission. It seems the condition of those components allow this ebony F-Series to be driven daily, although the lack of air conditioning might make you doubt that ability.

1968 Ford F-100 Ford-Trucks 3This truck packs a variety of new and rebuilt parts, but one thing the seller doesn’t include in the ad are interior pics. Hopefully, some of that fresh hardware is inside the single cab. Either way, the seller is firm about wanting $6,000 for this blacked-out Blue Oval.

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