What’s Up in the Forums: Do You Really Need a Truck?

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Does it make sense to own a truck if you never actually use it the way it was intended? Our members say yes.

It’s a question we see perhaps more than any other here in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. Should I buy a gas/diesel powered F-150/Super Duty Super Cab/Crew Cab two-wheel/four-wheel drive? Or, in essence, “what kind of Ford truck is best for my personal needs?” It’s a fair question, and one that we’ve all asked ourselves at least once in our lives. So when tseekins came across an interesting article recently, he decided to share it. And that started a pretty fascinating discussion about whether or not most people actually even need to own a truck at all.

“This is a very basic article for the person who may not be as well educated in the truck world as many of us here are. We see users come on here all the time asking what size truck they may need and then give us some brief description of their intended use. Hopefully someone will benefit from this brief little read.”

As fordman19762003 points out, the hard truth is that most people don’t even need a truck. Or, at the very least, don’t need anything more than an F-150.

“Honestly, 95% of the time I could get by with an AWD crossover with a cargo hauler that bolts into the trailer hitch. I don’t play in the mud or snow anymore because it’s too much work cleaning stuff up afterwards and in the winter I’m plowing roads when the snow is flying. Also, I don’t do a lot of towing or hauling anymore since I sold my business. Basically I’m using a 3/4 ton Ford truck like a car, but I like having the open bed and the capabilities of a truck if I need them.

A 1/2 ton truck really is the best bang for your buck even if you don’t need it. The midsize trucks and crossovers cost almost as much or more than a similarly equipped 1/2 and don’t get that much more fuel economy.”


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