DIY: Katzkin Leather Seat Cover Install

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Katzkin Ford Front Seats

For under a thousand bucks and a day’s work, your Ford truck can have premium leather seats.

While there might be some advantages to having cloth seats in your Ford truck, most people prefer leather. It looks nicer, it feels nicer and in most cases, it is easier to clean. The problem is that factory leather might require an expensive upgrade package with other features that you do not want and having a shop install aftermarket leather can be expensive.

Fortunately, installing new leather seat skins isn’t all that much work and as several of our members have pointed out in this thread, even a leather seat skin package from a premium brand like Katzkin can cost well under a thousand dollars.

Leather DIY Introduction

This thread discussing the installation of Katzkin leather seat covers was initially started by “sims1dh”, who had recently purchased new leather for his New Super Duty. As he explained in his first post, the dealership wanted $1,300, but when he found the skins on eBay for $575, he decided to make a run at the project himself.

So my katzkin kit came today and I’m going to give it a try myself. My dealer wanted 1300, not a bad price at all. I was a able to find a set on eBay for 575 shipped so I thought I would give it a shot and save 700 bucks. I think I’m just going to do one seat a night, that way I can take my time and not rush. I doing al the head rest today. I will keep the forum posted just in case someone else is looking to take this on. I must say the skins look very good and are nicer than the picks. I order a set for a f150 as I believe the seats are the same.

Katzkin out of box

He made that initial post on the 7th and by the time that he posted his post-install update on the 8th, several members shared pictures of their own upgraded leather.

Tricon” pointed out that he was about to attempt the same project with his Ford truck:

Katzkin doesn’t sell direct, so they will quote high so their dealers can offer good prices.

Call local places or go on eBay. Right around $600 for the full shebang is about normal. If you don’t want to install yourself, figure another $4-500 for install.

I have a buddy that builds SEMA trucks, he said these are the easiest installs he’s ever done, so I’m giving it a crack myself. It helps that he’s getting these for me for $100.

The Install Process

Once the OP had finished the installation of the new leather seat skins in his new Ford Super Duty, he updated the thread with a basic review of the project.

Katzkin Ford Rear Seats

So seat covers came yesterday and I’m completely done today. I didn’t expect for it to go so smooth, but is wasn’t bad at all. I had someone help me, but neither of us had any experience with this. I did the headrest last night while watching tv. The entire job took 7 hours. The only special tools I used was a set of plastic trim removal tools. I would also recommend having a hot glue gun. You will most definitely brake some of the plastic clips off of the foam in the process of removing the old covers and you can glue them back on with hot glue. I broke of 3 on this project. Their isn”t much to detail about the project. Google Katzkin install f150 and you will find a few videos that gives you step by step instructions. The F150 process is the same as the 250. I you are looking for covers look for f150 covers on eBay they fit our trucks as well. This is what I did.

– Watch install videos on Youtube.
– Start early so you don’t run out of daylight (you need good lighting to see the clips.
– Make sure you have some of the plastic trim removal tools and glue gun. No hog clips needed.
– Lay the seats out in the sun.
– Set a 3 beer limit (this is more about taking you time a lot of skill is not required.
– Make sure you have a second set of hands to help.
– Be gentle with the airbags.
– Remember that you are saving 700-1000. Thats the equivalent to have a job that pays you 200,000 for a day!

I must say that if you are good with you hands this isn’t a hard project at all. So, check out the picks and let me know if have any questions.

Katzkin Head Rests

He also included pictures of his seats before, during and after. We have put together a gallery of those images below, but there are plenty more in the thread. He did not include any video links, but we have included a few at the bottom of this piece – one from Katzkin showing the install on a Mustang and another from a third party, showing the install on an F-150.

Katzkin with Car Seat

Finally, Tricon followed up in the thread as well, showing off his new Katzkin leather as well.

Tricon Seats


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