Diver Helps Rescue Ford Ranger Submerged in River (Video)

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YouTuber Jake Koehler assists in retrieving sunken Ford truck after boat launch mishap. He captures some cool underwater video, too! 

Jake Koehler is a diver with a popular YouTube channel, DALLMYD, dedicated to his passion for diving and treasure hunting. He also has incredible timing. While going jet skiing with a friend on the Chattahoochee River in Alabama recently, he came across a most unusual scene. A giant red truck was submerged in the river. Thankfully, Koehler was ready to dive in and lend a hand.

A witness tells Koehler that “The vehicle was running when it went in.” Koehler says, “This is the stuff of nightmares.” He talks to Derek, the owner of the truck, a Ford Ranger as it turns out, about what happened.

Derek explains that he had the truck in park, opened up the tailgate to get his kayak out. “She just ran out from under me,” says Derek.

Koehler wants to help salvage whatever he can as this Ranger also served as Derek’s work truck. A tow truck is there, but in order to get the truck, someone needs to attach hooks to the tail end of the truck. Rather than wait for a dive team, Koehler grabs his goggles and jumps in to assist.

Ford Ranger submerged in river

Koehler has his camera with him, so he gets some very cool underwater shots. It’s painful to see the totaled truck, but it’s also fascinating to watch. He secures the hooks and coordinates with the tow crew. They start to tow the truck out.

Then Koehler realizes that he needs to go back in because all the brakes need to be on. He sits in the driver’s seat to employ the emergency brake, and it is amazing to see. The truck continues to be towed as Koehler gets out of the water. He remarks, “It’s kinda eerie in that truck.”

Derek is very grateful and thanks Koehler sincerely.

Ford Ranger towed from river

Once the Ranger is out of the water, the doors are opened and water just comes pouring out. Koehler says he is glad they were able to remove the vehicle so quickly so no more gas got into the river.

Ford Ranger towed from river

The truck is loaded onto a flatbed and led off to greener pastures. Derek watches his Ranger leave wistfully.

“I’m gonna miss my truck,” he says. “It’s been a good work truck.”

But Koehler is dedicated not just to saving this truck, but really helping Derek out, knowing how important this work truck is. To that end, he has set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise money to replace Derek’s Ranger. Since posting this on You Tube, the video and campaign has gone viral and he has already helped raise $8,500 in donations!

It’s remarkable serendipity that Koehler, a seasoned diver, happened upon a sinking truck when he did. Even more remarkable is how dedicated he is to helping out in every way he can, from jumping into the water, to using his popular social media accounts to raise money for a new truck.

We enthusiastically agree with one of the fist-bumping bystanders, “Jake, you’re an awesome guy!”

If you’d like to donate to Derek’s sunken truck fund, check out the Go Fund Me page.

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