A Frankenstein Ford Ranger? Behold the PreRangerRoverLandeRunner

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Can’t pick one vehicle to traverse extreme terrain? Just build your own! How about a Ranger and a Land Rover?

Have you ever had to pick between two really good things, but you can’t have both? What if you really loved the everyday utility features of a Ford Ranger, but loved the old-school off-road capabilities of a vintage Land Rover Range Rover? What’s a man or woman to do?

As you may already know, the folks at Motor Trend Channel‘s Dirt Everyday have one of the best jobs in the whole world. Not only do they get to report on the latest trucks, SUVs, and off-road toys to hit the market, but they often have huge budgets to create their very own machinery. In this case, they couldn’t pick between the Ford and the Range Rover, so they simply cut them up, and welded them together!


Behold the PreRangerRoverLandeRunner. As crazy (and dumb) as the name is, the actual final product is pretty darn awesome. They truly managed to combine the best of both worlds into one not-so-simple package. But, it does have four-wheel-steering and a weird backward form of four-wheel drive. Technically it’s regular 4×4, but one of the vehicles has to engage reverse in order for the tires to spin in the same direction.

If it sounds complicated, it’s because it is, but you must watch it!

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