‘Ballistic Bronco’ Comes Prepared with Big Tires & Machine Gun!

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This is what happens when the folks from Dirt Every Day and Recoil Magazine get together and build a badass Bronco.

The 1979 Ford Bronco is a perfect reminder that SUVs of a distant past used to be badass vehicles. They used to be focused on being capable utility vehicles, and not an alternative to minivans, or fuel-sipping mall-crawlers. That being said, how would you make a 1979 Ford Bronco even more badass? Well, strap a big ‘ole gun to the roof!

Who would do such thing? The folks at Dirt Every Day, of course! In this episode, Fred Williams from the famous, off-road Motor Trend publication teams up with the editor of Recoil Magazine to modify a Bronco. The goal is to make it an off-road beast that’s perfect for going to the desert to shoot a variety of guns. Dubbed the “Ballistic Bronco,” the SUV they create comes complete with beautiful tires, a custom exhaust, and of course, a machine gun bolted to at the top.


The purpose of the project isn’t to make a unique Bronco, as the truck modifications only take up a fraction of the episode. Basically, they add 35-inch tires on 17-inch wheels, a custom exhaust, a new bumper, and some sporty seats. They also added new brakes, wiring, and other non-glamorous accessories, but the main purpose is to make sure this truck will last and will be a blast. Oh, and watching a truck guy out of his element firing an AR-15 is also pretty funny!

In our opinion, the truck looks great and the massive machine gun mounted in the rear looks like a hoot to operate. Would you do something like this to your ride?

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