Watch This Late 80’s Ford Diesel Drown in Mud!

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ford diesel

This muddy video by, CarWarz,  features a Ford diesel pickup truck from the late 1980’s or the early 1990’s playing in the slop at the Stewart’s Fall 2016 Mud Bog. We don’t get any details on this huge Ford truck, so we don’t know which trimline it is or what type of diesel engine is under the hood, but with the combination of the sound and the soot – it definitely appears to be a diesel.

Many of the mud trucks we feature show a Ford truck or SUV blasting across the mud pit, slinging mud everywhere in the process. In this case, the Ford in action is creeping from one side of the pit to the other over and over again – showing that this big Ford can dig its way out of the stickiest situations.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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