Diamondback Truck Covers Introduces New Short Bed Extension Kit For The ATV Solutions Systems

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PHILIPSBURG, PA – DiamondBack Truck Covers ATV Solutions offer complete truck bed systems for the ATV enthusiast now including a new Short Bed Extension Kit for the ATV Solutions System.

The new Short Bed Extension Kit includes a redesigned bed extender. Made of 2′ x .125″ square steel tubing (rather than round), the extender can be installed by one person. The new receiver-slotted bracket means no more sliding a pipe through a bracket ““ simply set the end of the bar into the receiver, drop the bar in, pin it, and you’re done. The addition of a new
shim kit with the bed extender elevates the truck cover when using the extension so the tailgate can be opened and closed as needed. When not in use, the extender disassembles easily into three pieces for storage.

ATV Solutions are available in either a Rear-Loading Package, or a Side-Loading Package. The Side-Loading Package includes the DiamondBack Truck Cover, ATV Ramps, Side Adapter Bars, Side Rails, and an optional Short Bed Extension Kit. For more information about the DiamondBack ATV Solutions kit, visit http://www.diamondbackcovers.com/atv

About DiamondBack Truck Covers

DiamondBack Truck Covers manufactures the DiamondBack HD, ATV Solutions systems, Commercial Solutions systems, and the new Standard Edition (SE) Cover. DiamondBack Truck Covers delivers the most versatile truck bed solutions available today for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda offering a hauling platform capable of supporting between 400 and 1600 pounds (depending on the model). To learn more about all the products from DiamondBack Truck Covers, please visit http://www.diamondbackcovers.com, call 800-935-4002, or e-mail to [email protected]

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