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“Ford leads the truck industry, not because we rest on our laurels, but because we think like leaders — continually providing our customers with innovative new products that better meet their evolving needs. The 2001 F-150 SuperCrew is one more example. It takes our best selling F-Series to the next level as the only truck in its segment with four full-size doors and a full rear seat, providing increased interior flexibility without sacrificing the “Built Ford Tough” capability our customers count on.” -George Murphy, Ford Division General Marketing Manager

Evolved from the trusted F-Series truck platform, the all-new 2001 F-150 SuperCrew is another result of always looking for a better way to get the job done. A better way to transport up to six large passengers. A better way to haul cargo. A better way to tow your boat or trailer. A better way to utilize space and function with people in mind. And, like its F-150 Regular Cab and SuperCab cousins, F-150 SuperCrew will lead the way as the only full-size truck on the market with four full doors.

Heritage and Market Trends For the past 51 years, Ford trucks have been synonymous with the American spirit – tough, functional, innovative and proud. The “Built Ford Tough” F-Series has reflected and anticipated changes in America’s wants and needs and all the different ways Americans use their trucks.

In 1948, Ford introduced the F-150 Regular Cab, meeting the demands of the work-truck user while seating three people. In 1974, the F-150 SuperCab appeared on the market, providing a larger cab with a small rear-seat area for gear and occasional six-passenger transportation.

In 1997, Ford was first to market with a three-door version of its SuperCab model, and in 1999, Ford added a fourth door to its SuperCab – another first in the industry. Now, the F-150 SuperCrew builds on this tradition of product leadership by being the only full-size pickup on the market with four full doors and a full rear seat – enough room for six adults to ride comfortably. The optional bed-extender creates a functional seven-foot pickup box for even greater cargo hauling capability.

“The F-Series is proven and trusted, and the F-150 SuperCrew is for the person who needs ultimate flexibility,” said Al Giombetti, Ford truck group brand manager. “The F-150 SuperCrew is a natural evolution within our F-Series truck line-up and fills an untouched niche in the truck market. People want a good-looking vehicle to transport many adults comfortably while having a powerful towing and payload capability with a large bed for hauling.”

The truck market has grown and evolved over the years and Ford has progressed with it, anticipating the changing needs of customers and always staying one step ahead of the competition.

In 1974, 70 percent of F-150 owners drove Regular Cab trucks, as opposed to SuperCabs. Now, those statistics are exactly opposite with 70 percent of F-Series owners choosing four-door trucks. This shows a significant change in how customers are using and what they are demanding from their trucks. Ford has responded to customers’ needs and continues to lead the truck market through its product innovations – like the F-150 SuperCrew.

Customer Profile So who is the F-150 SuperCrew customer? The question is better asked, “Who isn’t?”

The expectation is that the F-150 SuperCrew will appeal to a broad range of consumers – from the small business owner who needs to haul passengers and cargo, to the growing family who needs the capability of a tough pickup.

Add stylish good looks to its comfortable seating for six, a 1,765 lb. payload capability, towing power up to 8,000 lbs. and a choice of two TritonO V-8 engines, and the F-150 SuperCrew is perfect for those who need versatility and power for the work site as well as recreational uses, including towing, hauling, camping, boating and driving off-road.

The F-150 SuperCrew has strong appeal to anyone who requires the payload and towing capabilities of a pickup, but whose people-carrying needs are no longer met by conventional extended-cab pickups. Ford listened to its customers and heard that they need more capacity inside and out.

“As the only manufacturer to market a pickup with four full-size doors and plenty of interior room to transport passengers and gear, we expect the F-150 SuperCrew to reach a varied audience,” said Giombetti. “We hope the reputation of the F-Series, combined with the good looks and functionality of the SuperCrew, will attract even those customers who today are driving competitive products.”

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