The 2015 Ford Super-Duty Engineer Q&A: Starts Now!

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There’re some changes coming to the 2015 Super Duty, but they’re not the kind you can know by just looking at it. The 6.7-liter diesel Power Stroke now makes a titanic 860 lb-ft of torque and 440 horsepower. The tow capacity has gone up on both the F-350 and the F-450. It now has a sixth-sense that detects when nearby vehicles are in distress so that it might save them… Alright, that’s not true, but it is true that the Super Duty is a super truck.

Wouldn’t you want to meet the heroes who engineered the Super Duty? Well, Ford has graciously loaned us a few of the engineers behind the 2015 Super Duty to answer your questions about their shiny, new truck.

Ford’s engineers will be in the forum from May 1 to May 16. Every Friday, they’ll come in and answer as many questions as possible.

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