2018 Daytona Truck Meet is the Land of Souped-Up Ford Super Dutys

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Lifted and lit-up Ford Super Dutys roll into Florida for the 5th annual Daytona Truck Meet.

Daytona isn’t just for motorcycle bashes and NASCAR racing. Since 2014, it’s also been the home of the Daytona Truck Meet. It started as a way for the owners of modified pickups to show off their vehicles and, according to the event’s official website, drew more than 500 trucks in its first year. Attendance grew to more than 10,000 trucks by 2017. Judging by this video from Youtuber Israel_tamez, this year’s Daytona Truck Meet had no problem attracting lifted and customized trucks, especially those from Ford.

Just a simple nighttime drive down the street was an event, a parade of sky-high Super Dutys, many of them sporting LED lights to show off their mods. Custom wheels sat far below the giant bodies, which were held up by spotless, flashy aftermarket suspension hardware. The only thing higher than the trucks was the dollar amount budgeted for their builds.

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Of course, with all of that Power Stroke diesel horsepower in one place, it was inevitable that some drivers would start doing burnouts. Dark clouds of exhaust smoke made them even more of a spectacle.

The static displays on the infield area of the Daytona International Speedway were equally impressive. One especially notable truck was a third-generation Super Duty converted into an unofficial Excursion, then modified even more from its custom grille and lightbars to its chrome and colored wheels to its gleaming suspension setup.

There was a designated area for burnouts, which had plenty of visitors, including a second-generation F-350 Super Duty. Unfortunately, after filling the area around it and the sky above it with plumes of white and gray smoke, it suffered a malfunction of some kind and had to be towed away…by a Chevy.

On the beach, Fords and Chevrolets and Rams made for a view that rivaled that offered by the waves off in the distance. Disney World may be a great place to take a summer vacation, but the 2018 Daytona Truck Meet had the rides we want to go on the most.

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