Throwback Thursday: Super Duty Gets Punished in the Workplace

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Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe Puts 2011 Ford Truck Through Serious Swamp-Busting, Heavy-Towing Test Under the Florida Sun

Mike Rowe is best known for an old TV show called Dirty Jobs. Over the past few years, the opinionated celeb has helped Ford Motor Company talk up their truck lineup on the show. This week’s “Throwback Thursday” looks at one of Rowe’s promotional spots from 2011, when he put the then-new Ford Super Duty in the hands of several employees with very specific jobs.

After a short introduction on how real-world testing is better than anything engineers can conceive at the proving grounds, we watch as teams from Haliburton and Florida Power & Light conduct their daily activities with the new pickup. This includes towing big loads with the Haliburton team as they service gas wells at extreme elevations and temperatures. Meanwhile, the Florida Power & Light crews drive through swamps in the coastal state to restore power in the area, often fighting “snakes, gators and angry customers.”

Ford Super Duty

Ford has spent years working with fleet customers who test the trucks throughout the course of their operational lives. In working with the crews from Haliburton and Florida Power & Light, Ford is able to study the impact of real-world abuse on their hardest-working trucks

This video only shows a peek of what’s in store for the pickups, but it’s a great chance to see what these Ford F-250s and F-350s are subjected to every day by similar crews across the nation. This is why Ford trucks are the best-selling trucks in America since the 1980s.

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