Customers Likely to Receive Raptors Before Reviews Go Live

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The 2017 Ford Raptor is a hot-anticipated release, whether or not you agree with the use of a turbo V6 or not, and Ford is keen on making sure that the trucks get into the hands of enthusiasts as soon as possible. Because of that reason, it’s possible you’ll see customer Raptors on the streets before you read your first review of the truck in a magazine.

As we reported earlier, Raptors appear to be staged and ready for delivery. The truck was announced nearly two years ago, and people have had their deposits down for the truck for a long time. While some of the trucks seen might be heading to the inevitable media launch, it means customers are going to get their trucks as soon as possible.

This is great for Ford and great for the fans. Slow rollouts of popular vehicles can frustrate the most loyal buyers. Getting the trucks to their rightful owners as soon as they can is good for everyone. Besides, the company said people will have them by the end of the year, and that’s rapidly approaching.

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