Three Super-Cool Ford Trucks Headed to Barrett-Jackson Northeast

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ford trucks

These custom Ford trucks will draw plenty of attention wherever and whenever.

Pickup trucks seldom present themselves as auction fodder, stereotypically, but the docket for the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Northeast includes some fantastic Ford trucks. From all-original Broncos to custom hot rods, you can find a bit of everything in the auction listings. We’ve pulled three cool custom trucks for you that will roll through the block June 21 through 24 in Uncasville, Connecticut.

ford trucks

1941 Ford Firetruck Custom Indian Motorcycle Hauler

This looks like it was originally a Ford-based Howe firetruck. However, this long ago quit trying to stamp out fires. Instead, a previous owner converted the pump truck into a wicked-cool custom motorcycle hauler with Indian paint. We like how understated all of it is while still piquing interest.

Lot #465

ford trucks

1934 Ford Custom Nailhead

This truck trips all of the old-school cool alarms. Red-painted steelies? Check. Exhaust dumps at the door? Check. Bitchin’ interior? Check. Classic engine choice? Double-check. The parts list includes a bit of everything like a ‘38 Ford grille and ‘51 Kenworth truck headlights, but it all adds up to a killer hot rod. Everything looks super clean and the 401 cubic-inch Nailhead recognizes a common early hot-rodding swap.

Lot #636

ford trucks

1926 Ford Truck-based “Doodlebug”

When tractors were in short supply during World War II, farmers did what most everyone else did: they improvised. In most cases, that meant chopping up whatever cars or trucks they had around that would allow them to get work done. Because Ford had built such huge volumes of the Model A and Model T, farmers tended to transform them into homemade tractors. These came to be known as “doodlebugs.”

After the war tractors again became available, and doodlebugs became one of many types of customs. They usually had big rear wheels like a tractor, in order to give the car a rake. This doodlebug, which is Lot #1 at Barrett-Jackson Northeast, goes up for auction with a flathead four-cylinder engine and a three-speed manual. The Ford-based frame has been shortened significantly and the short cowling wear Harley-Davidson decals.

Lot #1

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