This Custom Ford F100 Would Look Perfect In Our Garage

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Flat black paint and a 460 big block make for a magical F-100.

We’ve not so secretly been pining for a sexy F100 pickup truck for a few years now. With a love for classic trucks, but the need for a farm tool, a vintage Ford just hasn’t been in the cards. But then we see something like this completely restored and modified 1953 F100 and our heart goes all fluttery. With a price of just $56,000 listed at Classic Cars it could even be considered a bargain in some circles.

It also checks nearly every box on our wish list. The frame has been completely built, strengthened and sealed to prevent rust, a 460 big block V8 hides under the hood, and a refreshed automatic transmission makes it as easy to drive as your sister’s Ford Fusion. The interior has custom leather bucket seats in gray and red leather, and a matching leather treatment has been slapped across the doors too.

It’s wonderful in all the right ways, and then you see the exterior. It sits just low enough to be menacing, but high enough you can actually drive it. And that big V8 breathes through some massive exhaust pipes that exit just ahead of the back wheels. And then there is that black paint. It’s not full matte, but more of a really soft satin. Just enough shine to carry the light across the body lines, but zero excessive glare. The bed has been restored and customized as well, and instead of going for straight wood, it’s a combination of figured wood, matching black paint, and chrome runners.

The want is strong with this one.

The images in the main sale post are not exactly the best, with several being screenshots from a phone, but as you can see in the gallery below, even poor photography can’t make this truck look bad. Still, we didn’t want to hit your eyes with too much ugly, so we took the time to crop the shots down for you into something a little easier on the eyes. You’re welcome.

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