Custom Fabrication of an EGR system for a Ford 300 inline 6 (Part 5)

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Close up of the EGR/O2 fitting

This is a close up of the EGR line being run to where the old O2 sensor was. We used lock washers to keep the fitting tight in the hole.

We did have to open up the washers to allow them to fit around the fitting but the washer is thick enough to hold the fitting down. As soon as I get all the paperwork together I will post fitting and adapter sizes. All of the parts were bought at Home Depot and ACE hardware and should be easy to get. We spend around an hour at Home Depot in the plumbing area trying to get enough fittings and line but it turned out very well and is functional. Don’t forget to connect a vaccume line to the EGR valve. You should use a line that does not have vaccume at idle or you will get a very rough idle.

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