Custom Fabrication of an EGR system for a Ford 300 inline 6 (Part 4)

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Finished EGR

This is where the instructions really end. Once you have the adapter made you can bolt it onto the EGR valve. Now that you have them together you need to figure out where you are going to put the EGR valve.

Next, you need to run a line from one fitting to an opening on the exhaust and a line from the second fitting to a place on the intake manifold. We were lucky on this intake/exhuast combination. The van came with an O2 sensor which is no longer used. This meant there was a port open on the exhaust manifold to use. The intake manifold also had an open port to use which was the same size. This EGR valve had an extra port on the side of the valve. This port would stop exhaust gases from entering the intake during certain load conditions. This port was plugged since it was not needed.

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