Custom Fabrication of an EGR system for a Ford 300 inline 6 (Part 1)

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By Mark Strickland

Custom Fabrication of an EGR system for a Ford 300 inline 6

The following pages will document the fabrication of an EGR system on a 1984 Ford 300 inline 6. The motor is stock except for the Intake manifold and the Carb. The old EGR system connected via a plate between the Carb and the intake manifold which has since been changed. ARIZONA Law says you must keep the air system working but it does not say anything else about emmisions (other than passing the sniffer test). That meant the EGR system must still be connected to be street legal. The EGR valve normally bolts directly to the manifold which means there is not place to connect lines to. To fix this we will use a piece of aluminum block 3.75" by 1" by 1". We will bolt this aluminum to the EGR valve and connect fittings and lines to allow the EGR valve to connect.

We knew we were in trouble when the drill bit we wanted to use would not fit into the chuck of the drill press. The drill press was problably older than I was and we could not figure out how to get the old chuck off so we did the next best thing. We cut the drill bit down and used a bench grinder to round out (as best we could) the end to allow it to fit into the chuck. We used a 9/16th" drill bit which we found out was 1/16th" smaller than we should have used but it worked fine. Once we had two holes drilled into the new piece of aluminum we had to tap both holes.

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