Crusty Ford F-100 Puts on Show at the Drag Strip

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This old Ford F-100 might not look like much, but it slays its competition with no mercy!

Ever since the first engine swap took place, man has worked feverishly to make cars and trucks faster. We don’t care about things like physics, nor the doubtful statements of others. If nothing else, the many challenges of making an old pickup truck fast only encourage us. We do whatever is necessary to overcome those very un-aerodynamic bodies, large amounts of mass, and lack of weight over the rear tires. But when you do all that in an old Ford F-100 covered in patina, its even more impressive.

And that’s exactly what this “farm truck” is all about. With a purposely crusty exterior and even a set of big side mirrors, no one would ever guess this thing slays at the drag strip. Well, except for the massive slicks out back, which is kinda necessary. Because when the loud pedal drops on this insane Ford F-100, it takes off like it’s been shot out of a cannon.

Ford F-100

The result are some pretty darn fast E.T.s and a whole lot of broken hearts, apparently. Here at Truck Wars 3 at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park, the crusty Ford slays all comers. Even if it does get a little squirrely a couple of times. Otherwise, this thing hooks incredibly well for a full-size pickup. We’re guessing he’s got a pretty awesome rear suspension setup at the very least. And most likely a little ballast under the bed cover, too.

Ford F-100

Whatever sort of voodoo the owner of this Ford F-100 uses to make it hook, it’s easily one of the coolest drag trucks we’ve seen in a while. We’re also guessing it’s pretty hard for the competition to take it seriously. At least until they’re staring at a rusty tailgate on the big end!

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