Cringe as This F-250 Driver Faces Certain Peril Off-Road

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This Super Duty barely escapes with its life after a rather unforgettable and nerve-racking off-road session.

Trail season is once again upon us, which means that we’re free to explore the great outdoors and get dirty. But it also means that we’re going to see a lot more incidents (and videos of said incidents) like this one.

The video kicks off as the driver looks to have slid off the trail thanks to slippery conditions. It seems he had the perfect chance to muscle his way out of the predicament in reverse, but his timid gas pedal work just makes things worse. A tree keeps him from sliding even further down the embankment, but it also trashes the bodywork of his lightly modified F-250.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they get worse! Rather than try to reverse out once again, he decides to go head first into the narrow ditch below. His rear driver’s side wheel comes off the ground and the truck nearly flips on the way down! It’s at this point that we were truly overcome with anxiety.

After he continues to ignore the advice of the experienced bystanders, the F-250 driver simply tries to muscle his way out of the ditch. At one point, you can almost hear the suspension breaking.

If you’re new to off-roading, let this video serve as an important lesson. If you get stuck in a predicament, always listen to the experienced folks trying to help (and they will help). And if you happen to be one of those experienced off-roaders, feel free to point and laugh.

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