Craigslist Crazies: Man Takes Ford Expedition on Test Drive & Never Comes Back

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Everyone knows there are plenty crazies on Craigslist, regardless if they’re on the buyer or the seller’s side. The point is, one has to be extra-cautious when dealing with any kind of internet sales leads.

Unfortunately, that’s something that a man from Rome, Georgia wasn’t aware of, or at least didn’t care to exercise when selling his Ford Expedition via Craigslist. The Rome News Tribune reports that a man was contacted by a potential buyer from the famous reselling site, and agreed to meet him in person at a public place, which is typically a pretty good sign.

Once the two parties met they went for a short test drive, and soon thereafter the man agreed to buy the Ford SUV for $5,000 bucks, but claimed he needed to wait for his paycheck later that day to have all the cash. The owner agreed to kindly wait for him. That’s when the soon-to-be┬áthieve agreed to take the owner out to lunch to thank him for his goodwill. A move that was all-too planned.

Once the two men arrived to a restaurant and sat at a table, the thieve claimed to have forgotten his wallet in the car, and asked the owner for the keys. Needless to say the man (nor the truck) never came back.

It’s upsetting to realize that people out there spend most of their day coming up with plots such as this one to steal people’s hard-earned stuff. If perhaps such people would put that much energy into having an honest job, they’d have a better and more honorable life.

Beware of the Craigslist crazies!

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