Coyote-Swapped Ford F-100 Is the Ultimate Show/Track Truck

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Ford F-100

It took years to build this incredibly cool Ford F-100. But this Ford Truck Enthusiasts member enjoyed every second.

Oftentimes, we come up with build plans for trucks and stick to them. But more often, we deviate from them along the way. Sometimes this is because of forces beyond our control. Other times, it’s because our preferences change. But in the case of Hackster1 and his Ford F-100, we’re glad that things took a drastic turn over the last few years. Because the finished product is absolutely incredible. But when it all began nearly three years ago, those plans were undeniably cool yet a little more modest.

“Things I want in this truck: Driver Quality. Not as pretty and not afraid to drive it anywhere. Manual Transmission. I hate not having a manual. Autos are great and strong but so boring. Lower ride height. This one will be a couple inches lower and on smaller diameter wheels, either 18s or 19s. I’ll run 275s or bigger on all four corners. Pretty much sums it up.”

And those plans began to come to light with this nice little $500 find.

Ford F-100

And then, a donor Mustang seemingly fell into the OP’s lap as well.

“I stumbled onto this car down in Grants Pass a few days ago. Made a deal with the owner and picked it up for less than the cost of a crate motor. It only has 22k miles on it. I should be able to use the engine, transmission, rear end, pedal assembly, and hopefully the brake master cylinder.”

Ford Mustang

What followed was months of tear down and fabrication. And the installation of some pretty nice suspension bits.

“Ordered all my rear suspension for the truck and hope it all works. BMR adjustable lower control arms, BMR adjustable upper link and BMR adjustable track bar. All for a 2012 Mustang. So the plan is to keep the three link with the panhard bar and do coilovers in the rear. My initial measurements show me that it might work. Also ordered the Naake double adjustable coilovers for the front.”

Demonstrating some seriously impressive fabrication skills, the OP was able to make it all work seamlessly. And after months of frustration and little wins, this Ford F-100 was rolling on its brand new underpinnings.

Ford F-100

A couple years later, and this amazing Ford F-100 build was finished. And the OP did exactly what he set out to do with the old truck – drive it and enjoy it. It’s seen plenty of track duty and even an appearance at SEMA. But ever-changing life circumstances forced the OP to make the tough decision to sell his beloved Ford F-100 recently.

Ford F-100

“My life has changed a bunch since I started these build threads on here. I am living in a different town, I work a **** ton more than I used to and I drive more than ever for work. I want to thank every single person that has helped me from this forum over the years, I have met some amazing people and learned so much about my craft with the three build threads I had on here. There are some amazingly talented folks here.

This truck took us places we never thought we would be. Vegas numerous times, California a bunch, SEMA, and it got me into track days. Something I am addicted to now. So, off we go onto the next chapter in life, bumpless. I hope that the last few years of builds have helped at least a few people out over the years. I often go back and read through it when I have some downtime to remember just how much I have learned along the way.”

Ford F-100

One thing’s for sure – this is a journey you’re also going to want to relive. And thankfully, you can do just that by heading over here!

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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