Tony and Nikki’s 1973 F-250 Build

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1973 Ford F-250 Build

Take a gander at Tony and Nikki’s 1973 F-250 build. Originally, these two sought out to buy a 1970s F-Series truck due to the perk of qualifying for the California Smog Exemption, but it quickly turned into a love and fascination for the classic Ford truck.F25073 A running and driving project from the start, this truck needs little to be a picture of perfection. Other than a few minor and very repairable problems – such as some leaky gaskets, leaky seals, worn tires, haphazard wiring, and odd rim sizes—this Ford was already just right. It won’t take much to get to roaring like the V8 beast that it is.

Tony had to drive this great truck home—which truly ought to be a rewarding experience, even with its problems. Nonetheless, as many of us know, the first time you get behind the wheel of a stick shift nothing goes smoothly. So after a trip through the rain (with no windshield wipers) they finally made it home—and they only stalled three times! But hey, everyone ought to learn some time.

This project is just in its beginning stages, but it shouldn’t take too long. After all, the repairs it needs are minor. Even so, it will certainly prove to be a rewarding experience for them both, especially since Tony aspires to be an automotive technician himself!

Go take a look at the build thread and show your support!

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