Could You Drive a Classic Ford Bronco for the Rest of Your Life?

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Sure, the first-gen Bronco is undoubtedly cool. But could you live with driving one every single day, forever?

It goes without saying that the Ford Bronco is much beloved around these parts. We hold Ford’s original utility to a high standard, which doesn’t bode well for the forthcoming 2020 model. Heck, we worship the old ones so much that how could Ford possibly build anything that we won’t consider a disappointment? Thus, perhaps it’s time for a little reality check. And maybe this interesting video from Donut Media will provide just that.

Here, we’re presented with a simple question. Is the Ford Bronco the perfect truck? And more specifically, could you drive one every day for the rest of your life and be happy? To find out, they put Comedian Byron Bowers behind the wheel of a first-gen Bronco and let him figure it out. If nothing else, Bowers understands what the O.G. Bronco was all about.

Ford Bronco

“This car is a man’s mans car,” Bowers says. “You need to be rugged and rough.” Of course, he says that after struggling to get the hatch open. But in this day and age of overly complicated vehicles, he also appreciates what it isn’t. “I really do love the simplicity of this car,” he notes. “You want the air on, pull it out. Want the air off, push it in. You can take this whole car apart with a butter knife.”

Ford Bronco

Of course, that simplicity also means you’re going to lack in other areas. Like power, handling, and refinement. Bowers obviously enjoys his Bronco much more off-road than on, however. Thus, he gets what it was built to do in the first place.

Ford Bronco

But could Bowers drive a Bronco, exclusively, for the rest of his life? Well, no. “This would be a cool car to cruise around the suburbs on the weekends. I live in the city. I need something that’s smooth and a little bit fast.”

Ford Bronco

Hard to argue with that logic. After all, we aren’t daily driving a first-gen Bronco either. But if we had to, we gladly would!

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