Red Corvette Gets Crushed by Ford F-150

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Corvette Accident

Viewers beware! These photos are not for the faint of heart. The driver of this Corvette Stingray had to be extracted after a rush-hour crash on the southbound 55 Freeway in Costa Mesa, California, after a Ford pickup truck somehow landed right on top of his Stingray.

It’s unknown how the large Ford F-150 pickup 
managed to pull such a wild stunt, but Fire Capt. Christ Coates said the driver, a man in his 30’s, was trapped inside the car while his passenger, a woman in her 30’s was able to get out of the car on her own.

Coates said the driver needed to be cut out of the Corvette, and the 30-minute ordeal was a tricky process. “It almost becomes like a game of Jenga when you try to remove the bottom pieces without trying to topple the top,” Coates said. Could it be the driver of the Ford truck just didn’t see the Corvette?
 It wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

The photos from the scene reveal just how badly damaged the Corvette was, and they are hard to stomach.  

Corvette Crash
Costa Mesa Fire Department officials said the driver was taken to a local trauma center but could give no word on his condition. We can only hope he is recovering. 

Story via: [OC Register]
Photos via: [ Richard Koehler / OC Register]

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