Coolest Ford Trucks of FTE‘s Newest Members

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Ford Trucks of FTE

From vintage Dentsides to brand new Super Duty dualies, our newest members have some sweet Ford trucks to share.

If you’re into awesome Ford trucks, few places offer the sort of content you’ll find in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. And you probably already know that, whether you’re currently a member or if you just peruse the many member trucks we highlight here on the main page.

But while we’ve been showing our established member’s rides love for years, we haven’t taken a moment to highlight the trucks belonging to our newest folks. That minor oversight ends now. Here we’ve gathered our favorite Ford trucks shared by the newest members of the forums. And if you’d like to join the club and have a chance at getting your own truck featured, here’s a handy guide to get you started!

Ford Trucks of FTE

Little Bit of Everything

Member and West Virginia resident travis_1990 is obviously a die-hard Ford guy. And like many of us, he enjoys both old and new stuff. In the past, that included a sweet 1979 F-150 and 2006 F-250. Currently, he’s cruising around in a 2019 F-450 while restoring the ’77 pictured above.

Ford Trucks of FTE

Never-ending Project

Member tdanie2193 is somewhat new to posting in online forums, but certainly not tinkering with his beautiful F-100. Currently, he’s working on swapping out the old six-cylinder for a 302. Which should make it go as good as it looks!

Ford Trucks of FTE

Thunder From Up North

Brendan Mroz hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is currently on his third year as a mechanic’s apprentice. And what better way to learn than by converting his ’95 Ranger to the newer body style? Or perhaps wrenching on his ’77 Ford F-250 project? We’re certainly looking forward to what he has in store for this old crew cab!

Ford Trucks of FTE

Eclectic Collection

New member bubbaclaus certainly has great taste in trucks. In the past, he owned a ’76 F-250 and ’95 F-150, but his current ride is this killer two-tone ’82 F-150.

Ford Trucks of FTE

Daily Driver Project

Like many members, Shane Benitez joined because he’s currently working on rebuilding his ’90 Ford F-150. The goal is to get it fixed up and use it as a daily driver. And boy, what a killer daily this thing could be!

Ford Trucks of FTE

Ford Truck Vet, FTE Newbie

Member the skull has been a Ford guy his whole life, but he’s new to FTE, of course. His current project is also something you don’t see very often – an old F-250 service truck complete with an aftermarket bed. This is one cool build that we can’t wait to see come together!

Ford Trucks of FTE

Dog Approved

It goes without saying that we all get pretty excited when we purchase a new Ford truck. But when pagreencat brought home this 2011 F-150, he wasn’t the only one stoked about it. “I’ve instantly grown attached to her,” he said. “As has my dog, who promptly jumped into the front and over the seats into the back. He’s ready to travel with me.”

Ford Trucks of FTE

Clean Project

KNC_3 picked up his sweet ’81 Ford truck from Pennsylvania, yet it somehow isn’t rusted out. That makes it a great rebuild project, and that’s exactly what he plans on doing. Future plans call for a big V8, new interior, and body/paint, which is pretty much all this pickup needs to be awesome again.

Want to get in on the fun and show off your Ford truck(s)? Head over here for a quick and easy guide to get started in the Ford Truck Enthusiast forums, and show us what you’re currently driving and/or working on!

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