Is There a Cooler Generation of Ford Pickup Than the 1970s?

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I often wax poetic on these digital pages about the modern Ford F-150 and F-Series line of pickup trucks. I do it with good reason, too. They are some of the most capable and most advanced pickup trucks on the planet, and they’re perfect for getting any job done. But are they cool? Many of you would say no. You’d say that some of the previous generation of trucks are what you’d rather be seen driving. Here’s some cool ones we found!

1979 F-150 Ranger


Forum member CelticOne picked up this two-wheel drive F-150 Ranger that had been sitting around for 5-7 years without being used. CelticOne notes how impressive it is that truck doesn’t really seem to have rusted out at all. For a stock truck that’s been sitting, this one is pretty cool.

1980 F-100 Flareside Custom


Forum member fiftyfordfloored has this beautiful 1980 (okay, so I went one year over the maximum) F-100 Flareside. It’s in a beautiful red, and has been featured as the Ride of the Week here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

1975 Ford F-250 Highboy Ranger


While I’m┬ásure this truck is already sold from the listing a few years back, this is a pretty awesome looking truck. While in general I’m not a huge fan of green on some cars, it just looks so very right on this pickup truck. The offsetting white wheels round out what’s a cool looking package. Don’t you agree?


Continuing the F-250 Highboy trend from 1975, here’s a beautiful blue one in Ranger XLT trim. Also, it’s probably already sold. But boy it’s a looker!

1979 F-250


There isn’t much context behind this beautiful looking F-250 we found on Pinterest, but we’re sharing because the silver looks fantastic. It’s not a bright, standout color, but it probably conceals dirt well. Also, compared to some of the bright colors we see on this generation of pickup truck, it’s nice to see something a little bit different.

1971 Ford F-250


White sure is nice, as evidenced by this stunning 1971 Ford F-250 we also discovered on Pinterest. It’s another one of those colors that looks really good when it’s clean, and is a bit of a rarity amongst the red and black pickup trucks of the era (or any era, for that matter).

While it’s hard to argue with any generation of Ford pickup, the 1970s sure produced some lookers. The Highboys are especially good looking, and in the single cab configuration still pretty popular amongst fans like yourselves.

But let’s not stop there. Find your favorite 1970s era F-Series pickup truck and share them in the comments below, with us on Facebook, or over in our forums. We’ll be sure to take a look at them and and we might even feature a few of them in an upcoming post!

Also, if you disagree with the 1970s being the best, sound off in the forums!

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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