Competitive Analysis Ain’t Cheap: Ford Spends $55k Over List for Tesla Model X

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section-hero-cutoutIf you haven’t heard already, Ford purchased a “new to them” Tesla Model X Founders Series for competitive analysis. Because they didn’t want to wait to get their own order in, they went to the used market to get one, and found one for $55,000 over list price. That means they spent nearly $200,000 on it.

While I’m not really sure how this is news, considering manufacturers purchase competitive vehicles all the time for research. But this one has seemed to hit the wires hard. While it might seem like a lot of money for an individual to pay for a car, the time saved will surely more than make up for it.

navigator concept doors up

But the purchase of the Model X is interesting because just recently at the New York Auto Show Lincoln debuted the Navigator Concept that had gull-wing doors. Lincoln could very well be looking at the Model X’s Falcon Wing doors and their engineering as a way to apply those types of doors to the production version of the Navigator. I believe strongly that some sort of futuristic doors should make the production version of the Navigator.

Of course, if Ford is looking to model the X’s Falcon Wing doors for future products, they should probably check out the reliability issues Tesla is having first.

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