Colt Ford Just Put Out the Best Truck Anthem Ever!

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Country star goes hard about his truck—and rocks a few silly outfits—on ‘My Truck,’ his hot new track with Tyler Farr. 

Need a new truck anthem to blast out of your F-150, Super-Duty, or Raptor? Then Colt Ford is your hook-up with the newest single from his latest and greatest, Love Hope Faith, featuring Tyler Farr on the chorus.

In a new interview with Fox News, which debuted the video on its website, Ford says he “thought it was time for a really funny video” and knew his friend would be down for the ride. Then the two stepped it up a notch by trading in their usual country look for silly outfits in an homage to the 2008 Will Ferrell comedy flick Step Brothers.

“Tyler has been one of my best friends in this business for a long time, so it was really easy for us to act silly and be a little nuts — that’s how we always act,” Ford tells Fox.

In between Ford bragging about how his truck is full of ladies in daisy dukes and makes other trucks look like Priuses, he and Farr aim for country music stardom among the likes of Garth Brooks and Jason Aldean Alspleen, finding common ground via Lululemon underwear and their favorite “horror” movie, Brokeback Mountain.

Rather than wear cowboy boots, blue denim jeans, and white cowboy hats, the duo opt for matching Ned Flanders-esque outfits for a promo photoshoot straight out of a thriving Sears Photo Center. Farr suggests they go bigger with a music video with lots of fog and Miami Vice ensembles, then stops the show to proclaim how Ford sounds so much like “Dolly Parton goin’ down a log ride at Dollywood” that they need security. Ford suggests “ninja-star security,” and the rest is history.

Screenshot from "My Truck" by Colt Ford

So, load up the cooler with Patron Silver and Corona, fire up the supercharged V8, and pump “My Truck” out of the Fosgate amps the next time you’re out on the road having your best life. Your ears will thank you.

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