D.I.Y.: How to Clean the Patina on a Classic Ford Truck

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Shine up the old Ford while maintaining that weathered look using basic household products.

If you have a rusty old Ford truck that you would like to shine up while preserving the aged look, this video has some great tips. This video comes to us from the Hoonigan Bonus YouTube channel and it features a member of the team showing how to clean a rusty, old pickup.

Shining Up the Rust

Some of you might be wondering why anyone would want to clean up the rust on their old Ford truck without entirely removing it. While many people would want to shine up an old truck by taking it to a body shop, having the rust sanded away and having new paint applied, some people like the weathered look of an old truck. That is true of the owner of the 1971 F-100 in the video above.

1971 Ford F-100 Side

This classic half-ton was an old sheriff’s truck that the owner found sitting in the desert. Because of that dry climate, there was no real rust, but there was plenty of wear to the paint from decades of sitting in the sun. When the owner moved the vehicle to California, the salty beach air began to cause the body to rust.

The owner didn’t want the truck to continue to rust, but she also wanted to maintain the weathered look, so a full repaint or any significant body work was out of the question. Fortunately, as the video shows, some simple household products will allow you to shine up the “patina” on your classic pickup.

Washing tyhe 1971 Ford F-100

Cleaning Patina

In this video, the host is basically cleaning off the newer, loose rust in order to prevent it from continuing to eat the metal. He starts with powdered Comet cleanser and a scrubbing pad, scouring the rough hood, roof and other rust parts with the cleaning agent. After washing the truck, he dumps a generous portion of Comet on the roof and scrubs with the pad, removing all of the rough rust.

Scrubbing Ford Rust Roof

Next, he takes CLR – the type of cleaner that you would use to remove hard water and rust stains from your bathtub – and goes over the rusty areas. The Comet removes the rough rust while the CLR gets down deeper, removing the elements that will lead to more rust.

The host also plans to try coating the patina in linseed oil, but it gets dark and the video ends before that, but for anyone looking to clean up a rusty old truck – this video shows how to do it while keeping that cool, weathered look.

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