Classic Ford Jumps Sand Dunes Like a Champ

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Classic Ford Truck Pretending to Raptor the Sand Dunes

Souped-Up Old Ford F-150 Leaves Modern Machines in its Dust

If you ask any real off-roader, it is possible to take just about anything and build it up to be an off-road, high-flying machine. Ford truck enthusiast Craig Southam did just that on Instagram. Check out his clip below.

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To do this, some say you need something like the 2017 Ford Raptor. But any ol’ Ford truck can do it with a little motivation.

Craig’s truck actually reminds us a lot of our retro-inspired Raptor concept that we recently introduced.

There’s just something about seeing a classic Ford F-150 that can go anywhere that really appeals to us.

Unlike a lot of the videos we show you here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, this one doesn’t end up in disaster.


It’s easy to misjudge a jump. You can break the frame, deploy the airbags or total the truck.

Craig’s tank has 45 gallons of gasoline in it. That’s certainly why it sags a bit on the jumps.

Because when you’re out in the middle of nowhere acting like a hooligan, you have to make sure that you have enough gasoline to make it back home.

More High-Flying Raptor Fun

If you’re looking for more videos of Ford trucks hitting the skies, here are some to whet the whistle.

Jumping railroad tracks in most cars is dangerous. In a Raptor, it’s something that easily happens on accident. Approach a set of tracks too quickly and you immediately are in the air. That’s what happened in this video.

We’re on a bit of a Raptor kick right now. Here’s the new prototype jumping and sliding off-road during testing.

Over the next few days we’ll surely have more off-road videos of Ford trucks doing their thing. New Raptor driving is happening now, and we’ll share all the cool videos with you.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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