Classic Ford F-250 Owner Could Lose House over Patina’d Pickup!

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1965 Ford F-250

In the eyes of one Ford owner’s HOA, this ’65 F-250’s patina is ridiculously considered ‘body damage.’

Anyone who lives in a neighborhood ruled by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) already knows the struggle. Let your grass get too high or erect something without permission, and you’ll likely face some grief. Unfortunately, this often includes our beloved hobby of fixing up old trucks. But as Chesterfield, Missouri resident Andy Lipka found out recently, some folks just don’t share our love of patina, either.

Lipka owns a 1965 Ford F-250 that he absolutely loves just the way it is. But the truck’s worn original paint has also been the sticking point in his battle with the HOA that governs his neighborhood. As Lipka explained to KMOV4 News, his HOA’s bylaws state that “vehicles with moderately severe body damage can’t be parked in the driveway.” And apparently, they consider his Ford’s worn appearance to fall under that category.

1965 Ford F-250

Clearly, these folks aren’t up on current trends. As we all well know, patina is hot in the automotive world these days. People go to great lengths to preserve these original finishes, after all. Despite this, Lipka has racked up $3,000 in fines so far. And he’s even been threatened with foreclosure on his house if he doesn’t pay them. Lipka, content to duke it out for his old Ford, has filed a countersuit.

1965 Ford F-250

Lipka’s argument is obviously a logical one. “It’s not damaged, it’s the way the finish has evolved over the years.” he explained to KMOV4 News. “It’s original Ford paint from 1965, it’s sought after now.” Obviously, we agree, and we wish Lipka the best in his legal battle. But let this also serve as a reminder. If you’re in the market for a house, maybe it’s best to buy that big piece of land and build your own, after all!

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