Classic Ford Broncos Restored & Rebuilt to Perfection

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LAL Customs 1973 Bronco "Uncle Buck"

LAL Customs takes classics and turns them into cool bucking Broncos.

At Ford Truck Enthusiasts we’ve always had a weakness for Ford Broncos. We have been awaiting the release of the 2020 Bronco with bated breath. But those first generation Ford Broncos hold a special place in our heart. They are cool, hardy, and iconic. These are purpose driven vehicles that are capable and lend themselves perfectly to restorations.

LAL Customs in Nassau, N.Y., have mastered the art of Bronco restoration. Their builds are inspired by the true and devoted passion owner Lou Gabriele has for the Ford Bronco. On the company website it states that “Lou bought his first Bronco when he was 18 and has had it since. He started slowly working on it at the age of 25 and had a successful construction business that flourished and over took his extra time…Lou found a failed back yard project that someone gave up on as a good parts vehicle. As he spent time working on the project he found his true passion in life…True happiness was when he working on his Bronco.”

LAL Customs 1974 Bronco

Many of the Broncos that come into the shop are built up from the floor up. Each build is documented thoroughly on Instagram, Facebook, and on the company website. Hundreds of man hours are put into every build, which vary from full frame-off restoration, to customizing and modification. The results are tough, clean Broncos that look as good as they perform.

LAL Custom Bronco

The restoration process includes a lot. The old Broncos are torn down. Then LAL Customs starts rebuilding. Every detail is covered; from extensive body work, rebuilt engines, lifting the Bronco, adding high-performance suspensions, and custom details such as lights, tires, and even pin striping.

S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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